Mgr. Tereza Formanová

Software Law

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During my law studies I was not actually very sure whether a position of an attorney is the right choice. My passion was latté art and work in the coffee house. However, I found out that law enables me to be creative and enjoy client´s contentment as much as while making coffee. My hobby in the field of law are definitely trademarks and software licenses. I like the fact that there are often many possible approaches, and our task is to find the best one for our client. In SEDLAKOVA LEGAL, I am supporter of the idea to make the contracts more simple, understandable and visually attractive.

My scope of work:

  • Trade marks
  • Software law
  • Software licenses including open source software licenses
  • Intellectual Property

My life Motto

Carpe diem quam minimum credula postero.

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