Mgr. Jiří Hradský

Personal Data Protection and E-gaming

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We are living in the world of fast progress, where changes wait behind every corner. Due to this fact, we have to still lear new things. I love accepting challenges connected to the fast changes and learning how to deal with them. Education and knowledge are values ​​that no one can ever take. In SEDLAKOVA LEGAL I focus mainly on data protection. This area brings many interesting stories that help me move on and be better in both my professional and personal life.

I have been dealing with data protection issues, especially GDPR and related regulations, for more than 2 years, and I am glad to see that my work makes sense.

My scope of work:

  • GDPR audits
  • preparation of documentation connected to the privacy
  • training in personal data protection
  • creation of e-learning in the field of data protection
  • e-Privacy
  • video games law and esport

My life Motto

Vzdělání je to, co nám zůstane, když zapomeneme všechno, co jsme se naučili ve škole.

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