JUDr. Roman Tomek

Personal Data Protection and Esport

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I have been interested in the world of law since I was 15 years old. I watched every single movie and read every single book taking place in legal environment. By then I had known that I wanted to be a lawyer in the future. After starting my practice, I found out that the real world of law is different from what I had thought until then. But in a positive meaning. The possibility to solve the real problems of real people is an activity that satisfies me much more than just passive watching and reading those stories. In my practice, I initially dealt with the enforcement law. For the last three years, I specialize in protection of personal data, especially GDPR. The core part of my work is to perform audits of compliance with GDPR, the clients being companies of different sizes, operating on both local and international market.

What is my scope of work:

  • Personal data protection
  • Esport
  • Issues related to enforcement of law

My life Motto

„What I like about being a lawyer is that there are no small problems. For some clients, a dispute over hundreds of crowns is as important as a dispute over millions of crowns for another client. Both cases must be solved with the same amount of care.“

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